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October 12, 2006

New York New York where is the swagger?

Where is the swagger? Where is the entertainment? I took a minute to put this blog up because I love hip hop and I didn't want this to feel like I was hating on the south. I love hip hop from everywhere but New York is my home and lately I have been wondering what happenned? We haven't went platinum since 50's last album as a city. I think Busta but up one of the best albums of his career and we missed the platinum. We got the gold but feel short at platinum. While we are shoulder leaning which I love we are also "Ballin" but we aren't entertaining enough to bring the platinum back home for some reason. My opinion is that we aren't entertaining. Banks(gunit) is giving us the new york point of view lets support. love him or hate him Papoose is entertaining the kids. check out his myspace numbers. Love him and Hate him but I will be the first to say it if you rappers aren't entertaining me the way "Diddy's" new album is than thats part of the problem. I need to say diddy is by no means a rapper but he is an entertainer and that is what makes his album entertaining and fun to listen to!!! Let the hate come my way I am sure I will hear it for this statement but hey something is missing and its the entertainment factor!!! f your not making me laugh,dance or say noone kills that many people(uncle murder) than I amnot being entertained!! New york the flows are cool but before you flow off the album Entertain!!!

Posted by chrislighty at October 12, 2006 12:19 PM


Real Talk!!! I'm from the south. Raleigh, NC to be exact but I grew up on East Coast hip-hop and it is definitely not the same. It's like cats got content with doing the same thing over and over AND OVER. But I will say that Busta got it right. I was entertained from the word go. Right now southern music is more entertaining to me. The characters are bigger. It's a new type of bravado. It's not just punchlines and I'm harder than you or who's got the hardest ice grill. These niggas hit the club on their songs. They holla at chics. They hustle. They talk to their loved ones. I can say that I'm proud to see the south shining but I can also say that I miss that knock from the East Coast. And I agree with Mr. Lighty. Ya'll support that Lloyd Banks joint. But do me a favor. Buy that shit on itunes. There are two extra songs on there and my production company Writer's Block Music Group produced the last song, "Lost and Found". Since I'm throwing out shameless plugs, we also have single dropping soon with a new DTP artist named Small World, so go to myspace.com/wbmg and check it out. Give ya boy some feedback. Thanks for listening or reading or whatever. writersblockmusic.com

Posted by: ave at October 13, 2006 01:37 AM

I heard them talking on the radio about how T.I. was the only one who went platinum this year or som'n like dat...and that Jin from B.e.T. fame is dropping his album on myspace. Based on their theory, the whole music industry is in jeopardy because of the digital revolution and people's ability to do it on their own without the labels...I guess.

Just like the movie industry didn't like videotapes & VCR's coming out because it cut into their bottom line so they had to start mass producting videotapes and now DVD's to keep up with the demands of the consumer. I don't know if itunes is the answer, but with all of the pirating and other means of acquiring music, som'n's gotta give because the industry isn't the same as it used to be and it never will be. No matter how hot an artist is.

Posted by: Jacqueline at October 13, 2006 10:33 AM




Posted by: N-G at October 13, 2006 04:08 PM

What New York needs is a “Swaggerett”...So many guys in the business are saying the same thing "Gangsta" this, "Gangsta" that. Whether in the South, North or West, I hear the same story with a different beat. I pay more attention to the creativity of the music than what the artist is actually saying.

What music need today is a strong woman talking about her "paper" only. If sex on the videos and dancing sales records, then a female Executive to a female Hustler should decide whom she will shake her assets to and how much it will cost him. Therefore, if a "baller" or "gangsta" is truly about the money, he will spend his "paper" on her at any cost.

I know that “Swaggerett”…she has beauty, brains and a flow that is unstoppable.

Posted by: Yolanda at October 15, 2006 07:50 AM

I think Hip Hop is about to get REAL HUGE again in the next few months. for one the south is here to stay so get used to it. not only hip hop as a whole but the clubs will be dead without the south. not only the south but do you guys realize diddy just dropped and jay and nas about to drop in the next month or so, that'll give NY and hip hop itself a real boost. b/c no matter how much people are yelling ballliinn right now the new crop of ny rappers dropped the ball and if you think about it compared to past ny super smash hits if jim jones ballin is the best ny can do then ya'll better be thankful jay and puff came back.

Posted by: Tha Wather at October 16, 2006 01:23 PM

i cldnt resist not commentingon this oe, bcuz i agree completely. I think the south is winning simply bcuz they wrk with each other. They waites so long to get thier shine they refuse to let it go and will do anything and wrk w/ anyone from the south to keep the momentum there...as they should. Its unfortunate that alot of the NY artists cant get along, but until we can record together thts how its gonna be. Can u imagine 50 doin a hook for Fat Joe or , Or a record with 50, Jay and Diddy...How about LLoyd Banks & Jim Jones, or Olivia singin the hook for Fat Joe like he had for "Whats Love " off his ONLY platinum album?
To me thats our problem.
Like Jay Z said we need these "Event" type albums ,if not ur gonna see the return of the boy bands taking over.

Posted by: ct4shzl at October 17, 2006 07:31 PM

Chris, you simply hit the nail on the head!!!!
Not only is the entertainment value missing but real lyrical content is also somewhere hiding! "The Rap Game" has become so diluted that no matter what people are saying with regards to things getting better or looking up in a few months etc….. It just won’t happen unless we clean house……. Sorry to say a lot of A&R peeps don’t know there ass from their elbow when it comes to talent and worst yet anybody with some coins and a connection can throw crap out to the public. Now I ain’t hating I never knock the hustle, but the time has come that the industry and its constituents need to govern itself and weed out the stuff that’s killing the music and causing the good stuff to get lost in the shuffle!
Just my opinion!


Chet (www.myspace.com/chethustle)

Posted by: CHET at October 18, 2006 12:13 PM

Wasssssup Chris,
There are a few things that are contributing to the lack of NYC precious metal (Platinum in particular) in Hip Hop. The entertainment factor is one, and there are some other factors, but the factor I want to talk about, is the fact that we hate each other in New York City. Plain and simple.

NYC Hip Hop Artists don't do colabos outside of their own "crew or movement", their best selling records are "Diss" records, NYC artists AND their labels team up with NYC Radio DJ's and put them in their "crew or movement" and then the Radio DJ now hates anybody who's not with said "crew or movement".

We don't have a NYC hip hop scene or swagger here. We just got a bunch of individuals out for self, on some "Dog eat Dog" shit. Meanwhile, back in the "dirty dirty", they are doing records with each other, doing tours with each other, thus staying in the public eye and building a fan base even if they don't have an CD out. Plus you don't hear NYC records on the radio in the South.

HotDog aka "The Grumpy Old Man"

Posted by: Hot Dog at October 18, 2006 04:50 PM

All praises are do to God!

Dear, Mr.Chris Lighty

I'm an administrative a&r personal an I feel we've lost our swagger. However from working with the staff over here we've done a photo shoot, video, an did his partial album production. For an artist unsigned mind you,by the name rich swagger. Now, does he have what we as an audience is looking for. As for notable icons like Jay-z, Nas,Lollyd Banks,to be current on events already happening.

We just had a meeting on how can we reastablish ourselves as a miltimedia company and an identify with our slumping sales period across the board. A think big label recording artist aren't paying attention to the new breeds of unsigned artists creativity. Our south coast counterparts have shined light on these grey areas. What are we doing wrong as gate keepers to this industry.

However it's one thing to have one image to hungered,because saving expences put shit in prospective. Although the other one thing is the thirst isn't being heard anymore. Except from the unsigned artist not saying, weeze did't step up his game. Why! don't you check out our website www.hiphopuncensored.com an see the vision I'm talking about.

I'm not just biggin up my work with this media outlet but lets do a collabo. Great exacusions exzibits great examples, an this is all from my mental state at this margin of the game. On that note give me the option to show you how we can compliment one another. ( Grind Mode )

Contacts: e-mail Ramcesg@gmail
office: 212-997-7304
cell: 646-404-2286

Posted by: Ramoes Gaston a.k.a cheeze at October 18, 2006 05:39 PM

This issue has stuck with me for quite some time and has prevented me from leaving my "comfort zone" to put my all into this industry. As an outsider looking in I see (and hear about) the decline in music sales OVERALL. Rap just seems to be plunging a bit faster. Chris, look at rock musics history and you may see a parallel universe. Rock was once the "rebel music" and it fizzled over time. Didnt die, but just dropped in sales significantly. Generation X and Y kids are no joke. Loyalty is scarce or shortlived. The current crop of rappers dont seem to be connecting anymore. Label brands became little logos on the on the back of CD jackets.

Remember back in the day when kids would break a sweat just trying to cop a DefJam of TommyBoy jacket or anything with a logo on it. Remember when you would get excited about buying an artists record? It's gone. Couple that with the digital revolution and your problems begins.

Now we move on to the bottom line... Singles... some are just bad choices leading up to bad albums.. the hot ones we grab online...FREE. For the life of me, 50 Cents album sales are fueled by pure image cause some of the singles are just produced horribly. God blessed that man to be able to sell a straight up gansta image and fuckin sing in the hook!!! he takes the worse beats and makes fire. dont get me wrong, some of the beats are crazy but some..... dude, make them bounce those sessions to 2" and bring back some depth and headroom... i mean, i love all of 'em but who the fuck mixed "hands up"??? where's the quality control?

In any industry, with failure, you must look to the top. Who's gonna pay for this janet jackson failure? JD? Flom? both? Flom washes his hands to the matter and says "JD's my urban guy, i left it to him" JD says "they didnt promote it right".. finger pointing. Bottom line, where are the singles?? Did JD/Janet delibertaly put out a brick to save some heat for a new deal?

Also, how does a record exec come out and publicly say "we got a duet with mariah thats shipping on the album soon, etc.." when he got god knows how many albums shipped without it already?? WTF???

While i'm ranting i'll also blame radio. Not enough independence there. Not enough slots for new music. sad state there. we need rebels in radio. We need fuckin pirates blastin off in communities. I was thinking of taking 10K in some broadcasting equip. and blastin off in BK and seeing how long b4 i get busted. Thats some real shit there.

The rap industry has already proved to the old guard that it has legs. But with everything else it comes down to "what have you done for me lately". Kanye sold- now we have Ne-Yo.. holy moly- lets rush out a erika badu record, get deangelo in the gym.. where the fuck is that classic TRIBE record!?? The earthly movement is back- get the incense LOL... seriously man, get more Radio Friendly, hooky Back-Pack shit out there. It'll work. Clean ur house. Hire new consultants and hear everyone out and take some chances. Make sure your bread and butter is on schedule to ship and all is good.

And this from a guy in real estate looking from the outside in.


p.s. Its also sad that selling 500,000 records is considered a failure in this day and age. Marketing has to get cheaper and smarter.

I love bustas record. I personally thought In The Ghetto was phenonemal (hated the video though). Production was awesome! How long did the label work that record before moving one? The drama at the shoot had to hurt. Do rap labels do market tests on singles or do you guys just send to radio and see if it pops off? Thats the stuff on the inside I wish I was exposed to. A better understanding of that would get me excited. pretty sad isnt it??

Posted by: joeymercy at October 19, 2006 12:36 AM

Chris - I agree that hip hop's orginial territory has failed to produce records that elicit the same response as the "lean wit it rock wit it" or the "shoulda leans" of the South. I wonder if this has something to do with audiences' shifting their ears and eyes towards the visual hype that accompanies the Southern scene. After all, it is attractive and like you say, entertaining! NYC and the west coast need to step it up and start entertaining again. When's the last time that a rapper has completely rocked an awards show? I would argue that Busta Rhymes came close with "Touch It" at the BET Awards. Great artistry isn't recognized anymore. You're either Jay-Z or you try to reach his status by getting a hot producer. Name a rapper now whose artistry and lyricism is impressive right now. I argue that rapper is Busta..but apparently that's not enough to get people to support his project. Diddy, I'm sure, will sell a good number of records because he successful creates hype around himself, has added the "South" sector to his label, is capitalizing on its domination and using it to promote himself. I'm sure this alone will sell him records, but is he an impressive rapper? NO! So, I'm waiting for Jay-Z and Nas to return. I support Papoose. Busta's album is great!!! Rappers just need to realize that creating hype sells records and is entertaining. Look at Dem Franchize Boys. They're 2/3 hype and 1/3 Jermaine Dupri. It's a formula. Either buy into it or don't sell records.

Posted by: Jamice Oxley at October 19, 2006 06:30 PM

To piggyback on what fellow real estate entrepreneur joeymercy said...bring back the hooky back-packy music...something I have often wondered about is why everybody tried to be hard and gangsta and be like Biggie and Pac? I mean, that was only going to last so long and believe me, if they were alive, they would have evolved their style by now but yet folks still tryin' to emulate them because they consider them the greatest. They need to quit.

The back packy is what's up...the consciousness needs to come back like on Dave Chappelle's block party. That was hot! I mean, damn, when Fred Hampton Jr. and Lauryn Hill show up and come out of hiding, we got somethin'. We don't need no mo' self destructive genocide type-a-songs and that's probably why the south is cleaning up because they are just makin' feel good, party jams. We can do better...here's my challenge. Make ME want to pay $20 for a CD. With one hot single and the rest of the joint being double glass, with a mortgage and mouths to feed, etc...I'm hard pressed to think of someone who makes me rush out and make that investment.

Posted by: Jacqueline at October 20, 2006 07:58 AM

I recently had the opportunity to sit with someone who sorted out some rap demos according to styles.

From what I could ascertain, none of the conscious rappers brought any heat. I found them to be TOO WORDY, verses went on forever, beats were just OK and some were just anti-hook.. all in all, nothing exceptional. My boy didnt find anything that he was feeling enough to take to his boss but he was certainly giving the more hardcore demos 2nd and 3rd listens because they were just put together better overall.

I'm wondering if part of the problem is that conscious rappers just aren't delivering HIT SONGS. If chris loved someone who was sending a great message but that person couldn't make a hit record if their life depended on it, i guess he would have to pass.

Again, i'm just speculating as an outsider who loves the mechanics of putting together a record- But conscious rappers need to say what they have to say in a short, hypnotic/melodic, comprehensive way. Open up the song with the hook, keep the first verse reasonably short and get their asses back to that hook all within that first minute... problem is, most conscious rappers can't do this- they don't want to be "commercial" so to say and go on and on in their lyrics to get out what they are trying to say.

moving on, conscious rappers need to have a sense of style that sets them apart from the average joe on the street.. BE A STAR.. you don't have to wear bling to look like a star... I feel sorry for anyone who has to try to market the Roots- tough job! People really hate on the Black Eyed Peas but I would have LOVED to have been part of that record in any way. Shoot- let me type up the linear notes and I would have been happy!

Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying gansta rap is done by any means. I personally would get involed in something hot if its hot, period. The problem is there is no balance out there.

Record executives need to look for HIT SONGS and backpack rappers need to be in line with them.

Posted by: JoeyMercy at October 20, 2006 01:21 PM

The problem: Rap Music has gotten to a point particularly in New York where it can no longer entertain AND be thought of as a crdible hiphop joint. Entertaining is pop and pop doesn't (usually) equal hotto death flows. Back in the day we had Slick Rick, Biz Markie, The Fat Boys, Big Daddy Kane and they were able to move the crowd, have fun and give us some of thegenre's most memorable rhymes. After rap became "industrialized" it killedthe fun and suddenly there were only 2 types of mc's-- Soft and Hard. Heads like Ice Cube, Nas & even Tupac were hard and they didn't "entertain." On the flip side was The Fresh Prince, De La Soul and The Black Eyed Peas (pre-Fergie) and they entertained, but were not really respected. So cats now want respect and loot and that is why there is no one really moving the crowd here. And that is alos why we love Biggie so muych because he is oneofthe few catsthat was able to straddle both sides and gives us the magic that is dope rhyme entertainment.

Posted by: theHotness Grrrl at October 20, 2006 05:07 PM

I agree with you 100%. I spent most of my child hood in NewYork. Forgotten groups like the fat boys, kid n play, salt n pepa were all entertaining and were on top for a while. when run dmc made "walk this way"(entertaining song) that blew them through the roof. All music falls under one catagory and that's entertainment. Rap music is not an exception. I dont think afro man is a very good rapper but he's entertaining and he went platinum. I believe some rappers get over with a catchy hook alone but being entertaining is always a plus. It can only increase your sells.

Posted by: Charlie Check'm at October 21, 2006 02:25 PM

I know artists who say they are giving the people what they want are the ones who tend to sell...the hooks, the shoot'em up bang bang, pimpin' stuff. Yeah, heard that all before. I ain't really tryin to hear that, but the beat is slammin! To me, I guess that's where DJ's come in, too. A good remix of a conscious rap with a beat that's lackin can make an all around hit. I went so far as to ask a DJ friend of mine to mix some French rap over some current hip hop beats just so I could enjoy the knock, but not hear all of the nonsense on the track. I figure even if the French guy is talkin junk, I won't be able to tell, I'll just have to enjoy the sound of the music.
At the same time, example: on Dave Chappelle's Block Party, he hit the nail on the head when he said that they will not play nothin like the Dead Prez on the radio. I come from a place where they just got a hip hop radio station a few years ago and you will never hear anything that is not top ten billboard. Now I am in a better place as far as radio stations go, but it's basically just the same, just MORE of them so you can change the station. But still no Dead Prez of course...so how does someone like me who has been sleepin on Dead Prez, who is not a young head out on the concert and party circuit anymore find out about them?
All I'm sayin, as a "consumer" is that we don't want people to always give us what we want, we'd rather be given what we "need"!
Much respect to Dave Chappelle for always bringin us the real hip hop.

Posted by: Jacqueline at October 21, 2006 11:12 PM

To many rappers, to many startegies around every release...If a rapper does good and sells decent the next thing that comes out is their "crew of clones" wearing out the orginal sound dude rode in on...By dudes second album heads is through with the main artist already.

Also, stop trying to be more than what you are...Your an artist right? Get known for that before you try sell me some jeans or soda pop...Stop trying to act when your rap is just gaining acceptance...Less is more, enough on the "Attack of the CLones" too much product!

You'll ignore some of the insite in my post and that's cool your the man and all...But the powers that be in Hip-Hop look a lot like the Republicans about to get swept out of Washington in 2 weeks!

C Ya!

Posted by: RAPSUKSBCAUSEOFU at October 23, 2006 12:51 AM

You're right. 50 cent is entertaining. He's a character. He portrays a crazy ass thug that will kill you without a second thought. Not positive but entertaining.

All of the successful rappers have that entertainment factor

1.Eminem is funny and crazy
2.Kanye West is funny and consious
3.Ludacris is funny

You guys need a rapper that's funny combined with something else

I noticed the rappers that have new concepts go far.

Rappers that are real go far also

Posted by: Wanda at October 23, 2006 11:45 AM

That's a sobering thought.

Posted by: Jacqueline at October 28, 2006 03:24 PM

I must say I totally agree! I almost gave up on this whole Industry bullshyt! Da South is making bangers while NY is forever criticizing! the real reason why NY rappers are not so dam successful! Too much HATE & COMPETITION amongst da greats! instead of collaborating they destroy each others artform of spitting da truth! It's a shame that my Client DAME GREASE packs so much heat! but they rather get his mentor's washed up beats.... da same sound equals no record sales! Diddy always entertained us and will keep doing so! Lets keep hope alive!

Posted by: Hoodz Pr Maven at October 29, 2006 12:34 AM

I hear you 100....Too many rappers think being all hard is the way to go....Oukast and rappers like Common are entertaining the kids.....Lil Brother is slept on...The labels need to sign a NY artist that can rhyme and then somehow get him to see the bigger picture...!

Posted by: Aaron Nickey at October 30, 2006 01:55 PM

The dirty south rappers that are out now are not selling a lot. Has any of the sold over 3 million in US sales? They can easily be over thrown. Meaningless lyrics wont take them very far. All NewYork need is a rapper to come out with something that nobody has done before. People are sick of that south crap. Nobody cares about their lyrics. their lyrics are stupid and everybody knows it. Their sales are strictly producer driven.

Posted by: Wanda at October 30, 2006 10:27 PM

Not to state the obvious- but the decline in rap sales is not exclusive to rap sales. I may have mentioned this in another blog. anyhow, according to the EMI CEO...

LONDON (MarketWatch) -- EMI Music Chairman and Chief Executive Alain Levy Friday told an audience at the London Business School that the CD is dead, saying music companies will no longer be able to sell CDs without offering "value-added" material."The CD as it is right now is dead," Levy said, adding that 60% of consumers put CDs into home computers in order to transfer material to digital music players.

But there remains a place for physical media, Levy said. "You're not going to offer your mother-in-law iTunes downloads for Christmas," he said. "But we have to be much more innovative in the way we sell physical content." Record companies will need to make CDs more attractive to the consumer, he said.

"By the beginning of next year, none of our content will come without any additional material," Levy said. CD sales accounted for more than 70% of total music sales in the first half of 2006, while digital music sales were around 11% of the total, according to music industry trade body the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry. CD sales were worth $6.45 billion and digital sales $945 million, the IFPI said.

Levy said EMI is continuing to hold talks with Google Inc. (GOOG) on an advertising-revenue sharing partnership with the community video Web site YouTube, which the Internet search giant acquired in October for $1.6 billion in stock. EMI's rivals, Warner Music Group Corp. (WMG), Sony BMG - a joint venture between Sony Corp. (SNE) and Bertelsmann AG - and Universal Media have all signed content deals with YouTube. "The terms they were offering weren't acceptable," Levy said, adding that EMI continues to be concerned about copyright issues.

With this said, what kind of value-added contact is doable for rap releases? I'm reminded of a eap releases in which a diamond was offered to a lucky CD buyer. Did that ever happen?

What can get kids to WANT TO BUY A CD rather the swap the MP3's for free? I guess this is where all the highly paid consultants come in, huh Chris?

Posted by: JoeyMercy at November 1, 2006 02:29 PM


Posted by: HAND$UM$ at November 1, 2006 06:18 PM

This is in reference to chris lighty blog entry "New York New York where is the swagger?".

Well the swagga is definitely shown on the major league hustlaz single "HUSTLE SWAGGA". You can hear it at www.myspace.com/majorleaguehustlaz

The album RE-UP is out and available for purchase.

We got what New York need, we got that swag baby.


Posted by: ray sytes at November 6, 2006 04:44 PM

I agree with you Chris, but I also disagree. Read my blog at http://www.realhhot.com/blog for more.

Posted by: Clark Kent at November 7, 2006 11:11 PM

Where is NY?

I watched the changing of the guard in Dallas when people were walking off the Dance floor when any east coast music played. NY forgot that 49 other states existed and now the majority of those states identify with the southern hood way of life and grew up on Dirty South Music.

All those platinum sells were by default because if you wanted rap music at the time most likely it was east coast born. Now artist have to work for them sales in the South because the south has carved out a large territory and the customers ain't tryin' to hear what Fat Joe is talkin' about.

Their heros in hip hop ain't Slick Rick, Run DMC, Steady B, LL Cool J, Rakim, Kool G. Rap etc. Their first hero in rap and most likely the first time they were exposed to rap music was Dre' "The Chronic" or 2 Pac "All Eyes on Me" or Master P. So their ear has been tuned in for a minute to that sound.

Hip Hop stood still when Biggie and Pac died and at that time Master P step in and catered to the south and pushed Dirty south music the hardest from 97' on and it's been poppin for the South. They identified with the music.

At that time I was a youngin', and worked for Blockbuster Music in the largest record retail in Dallas... When we started to get request for product that we wasn't stockin' at the time like 3-6 Mafia, Young Bleed,E-40, Ghetto Twins, Gangsta Boo, - I knew then another style of hip hop had emerged - while we watched Nas, Mobb Deep, Wu Tang, Redman CD's sit on the shelf.

East Coast A&R's and record labels were so biased that they let an entire generation of music listeners slip right pass them.

New York got to get out of the Tri-state area and grind like Motown did back in the day. It ain't enuff to go to the Top 5 markets and promote and expect to pocket a million sales.

2nd Renaissance of Hip Hop.

Posted by: Drew Diggs at November 10, 2006 01:40 PM

Congrats on the Puffy deal. I may be late, but I just caught wind of that and figured that's why you don't blog us more often...


Posted by: Jacqueline at November 11, 2006 10:23 PM

I will tell you what is missing! This is across the board in hip-hop and that is diversity in the music..I recently came to that realization as we start to create a music industry I realized that pittsburgh doesnt have its own sound which could be thought of as good or bad..I look at it this way we have artist that sound like west coast, east coast, down south and midwest, and back packer aka native tongue which means these artist will get spins and support in those areas that their sound applies. Instead of trying to create and define a sound for our region we are like a melting pot for hip hop....this melting pot is not apparent in radio, television and movies. The problem that creates is a lot of people are trying to sound like the music that gets you platinum numbers...instead of radio,television and movies embracing good hip-hop from all its sources...It should be about good hip hop not regional, because the way I look at it We are about to get paid because the burgh got it like wal-mart one stop shopping....

Holla @ Ya Boy!

M.Chris Goodngiht aka DJ Goodnight
CEO 1Livevision Multimedia Group

Posted by: Matthew Goodnight aka DJ Goodnight at November 12, 2006 04:03 PM

If you heard me rap then you would definitely be entertained.

Posted by: phil at November 13, 2006 09:49 AM

Chris Lighty i know i can have you excited about rap from St.louis

Posted by: phil at November 13, 2006 09:52 AM


Posted by: phil at November 13, 2006 09:57 AM

Chris I was just breezing threw your website an I agree with you. Where is the swagger? Where is the entertainment ?I'm a New yorker all day an I feel the same way..

P.s. I think you are mad sexy an clever keep doing your thing baby!

Posted by: Christina G at November 13, 2006 03:14 PM

Chris I was just breezing threw your website an I agree with you. Where is the swagger? Where is the entertainment ?I'm a New yorker all day an I feel the same way..

P.s. I think you are mad sexy an clever keep doing your thing baby!

Posted by: Christina G at November 13, 2006 03:17 PM


Posted by: phil at November 14, 2006 03:02 AM

Come on Chris!! Gimme a break! You know good and well why rap music sucks. Niggas (labels, managers, etc) aren't investing in the sweet science of artist development.Ya'll sign a cat with one fucking regional hit, record an album and put it out and, expect it to sale. Meanwhile, that muthafucka can't even hold a mic properly on stage. I know you remember when Puff was at Uptown and he had Mary, Jodeci, Craig Mack and Biggie. Puff wouldn't let nuffin be half assed. Before any artist saw the light of day, their whole image, style, inter-group role positions,interview skills, etc were impeccable. Look at New Edition, Jodeci, Boyz To Men then, as far as hip hop you had groups like Naughty, Whodini, Salt n Pepa, the whole Juice Crew. They were complete artists that fans relate to and wanted to be a part of. When you went to see Jodeci or Snoop perform they made you feel like you spent your money on God's gift. Nowadays, artists are so transparent and poorly developed, the consumers rather hear the overly pushed songs 10,000 times an hour on radio or just go to iTunes and get the 2-3 songs/singles and say fuck that album. Now Urban music biz is filled with a bunch of street niggas who don't know shit about the music biz. Why haven't you or Mark Pitts or Kevin Liles re-implimented the Motown style of black music biz. The closest to do so, was LA Reid hiring Rodney Jerkins as top A&R at Def Jam. Neyo had a good fuckin' album. They have a tough r&b roster over there as far as talent. But, if they don't develop them properly, what's the use. Look at how well put together B2K was. Them lil niggas killed. That's the product of artist deveolopment. Ok, you wanna go to rap, sorry but, look at Ja Rule. Granted, he may have took a lil bit from 2pac in style and swagger, but, when Rule reigned, he made smash records that everyone loved. From the 13 year old white girl in Sayerville to the 35 year old black dude in Tacoma. I'm rapping this up, but, all I'm saying to ya is you know what the problem is with black music.

Posted by: ron rockwell at November 16, 2006 08:46 PM

It's me again. I forgot to mention. Down South niggas aren't even platium and gold except for T.I.P, and possibly Luda. So the standards are low anyway.What are those Houston cats numbers? Cham had a helleva rookie year but what did he do? Joc, isn't doing shit. Dro, I might have to check out cuz his swag is ill. But, what I'm saying is, we just might be cutting off our nose to spit our face by giving too much props to the southern cats cuz they aint selling that much neither.

Posted by: ron rockwell at November 16, 2006 08:56 PM

I've asked lots of people what do they think about rap music these days. Most of them complain about rappers rapping about the same shit over and over and over again. They're including the south rappers. People are starving for originality. Heavy rotation is the only thing that's keeping rap music alive(especially the dirty south rap). The rappers lyrics are so bad, heavy rotation is barely working. It's getting harder for people to even get brainwashed into buying that crap. The selling standards are low. Chris, people like you can be rap music's savior. If people like you dont make a move on something new, entertaining, and different, I think rap music is headed for trouble. People are no longer entertained by the same old concepts. It's like a drug that's not getting them high anymore. They need to move on to a stronger drug to get that high. Rappers that are signed to major labels aren't bringing it. They're stuck in a box and that's just the truth. They're simply not creative enough. New concepts can and will work. Rappers that are out now fail to mention the other realities of life. They're so many concepts based on reality that haven't been done yet. I'm a rapper and i'm concerned about rap music. My name's Charlie Check'm(rap artist) but i'm not here to promote myself. I'm here to share my opinion and the opinions of others that i've gathered.

Posted by: Charlie Check'm at November 17, 2006 10:11 AM

I'll put it in simple terms...

Rap has become a $5.00 crackhead. If you are an expensive Ho then i'll pay a bit more but a ho is a ho so don't expect that much more. One thing though, you gotta let me hit it for free first before i become a paying customer. I wanna know if the ass is good first. Only problem is that if i hit it for free a few times I may get tired of it and move on to the next ho.

seriously chris, anyone who say's downloading hasn't killed rap sales for the most part is living in bazarro world. Its not like cassettes or CD's (remember when the industry was afraid of them)- downloading is waaayyy too easy.

Regulate that and you'll see even average rappers get thier sales up.

How many people "bought" Jay Z's album already and it ain't even out.

Posted by: Joeymercy at November 20, 2006 10:00 AM

This should be obvious. All the rappers that are entertaining(funny or something) and can come up with original concepts tend to do better. Rappers on major labels that aren't selling the way the should like to throw the blame on everything but themselves. They think they can just keep getting away with not being creative(probably because they dont have the talent) and just keep getting paid. The sells are starting to reveal the truth. Originality has always been imoportant. Most signed rappers are lacking the ability to be original, entertaining and real at the same time. The ones that are sell more units have original concepts and like you said, they have that entertainment factor which is comedy or something crazy and new
Most of the south rappers aren't even selling that much. Ludacris is funny and he has original concepts. That's why he does better the the average rapper.

Posted by: Jake at November 20, 2006 02:39 PM

QUOTE:This should be obvious. All the rappers that are entertaining(funny or something) and can come up with original concepts tend to do better. Rappers on major labels that aren't selling the way the should like to throw the blame on everything but themselves. They think they can just keep getting away with not being creative(probably because they dont have the talent) and just keep getting paid. The sells are starting to reveal the truth. Originality has always been imoportant. Most signed rappers are lacking the ability to be original, entertaining and real at the same time. The ones that are sell more units have original concepts and like you said, they have that entertainment factor which is comedy or something crazy and new
Most of the south rappers aren't even selling that much. Ludacris is funny and he has original concepts. That's why he does better the the average rapper. END QUOTE-

So why didn't Busta go Platinum? In fact. how many rappers overall went platinum at all this year.

There is SOME truth to what you are saying but thats not why sales are not registering for the most part. Historically, alot of fools with no talent whent platinum.

Posted by: JOEYMERCY at November 20, 2006 03:37 PM

QUOTE: "So why didn't Busta go platinum?"

Busta doesn't have original ground breaking concepts.

QUOTE: "Historically, alot of fools with no talent went platinum"

I never said rappers with no talent dont go platinum, I said rappers with the entertainment factor tend to do better. What rapper with no talent sold over 6 million? There are none unless they have a bunch of talented people on their album. Plenty rappers dont even write their own hooks. If they have people with talent contributing to their album, it will sell and in that case, the rapper doesn't even deserve credit because his talent didn't sell his own album

Posted by: Jake at November 20, 2006 08:44 PM

quote:Busta doesn't have original ground breaking concepts-end quote-

So you need to be groundbreaking in order sell alot of records??

Yes, there are "groundbreaking" acts- but they are usually far and few in between and spurn knock-offs that historically have also sold well.

If Jay Z sells 600K units his first week then he probably REALLY went platinum first week cause of illegal downloading. Thats the problem.

Posted by: JoeyMercy at November 21, 2006 01:59 PM

Entertainment..lol..Im not mad at all over that puffy comment..Yes his lryic content is not strong nor do I feel he is some good rapper but on the entertainment note he knows how do get everybody up an involved. Its like Chicken Noodle soup...or Unk walk it out..if u aint got a dance to your song right now then ur content is almost like the next man.. But I also feel a bias to puffy because he has all the money in the world to do good promotions an get those platinum sales just off promotion... South is doin big things but here in the TriState Area we still got the east coast swing an with the return of Jay.. Fat Joe & Nas we will be gettin much shine an our swagger back...peace.


Posted by: Djdelite at November 21, 2006 02:38 PM

You said,

Yes, there are "groundbreaking" acts- but they are usually far and few in between and spurn knock-offs that historically have also sold well.

Why are groundbreaking acts far and few in between? Because labels are too busy signing their artist's homies instead of looking for REAL talent.

You said,

If Jay Z sells 600K units his first week then he probably REALLY went platinum first week cause of illegal downloading. Thats the problem.

My reply,

Carrie underwood sold 4 million. If a country artist can still do it in this downloading era, why can't rap artist do it? It's because rap artists aren't creative enough to come of with new concepts and labels are ignoring the REAL talent.

You said,

Its like Chicken Noodle soup...or Unk walk it out..if u aint got a dance to your song right now then ur content is almost like the next man..

My reply,

That chicken noodle soup shit has been forced on us. They gave it so much airplay, they've brainwashed the sheep. People with their own minds wouldn't by that shit. I wouldn't be suprised if campbells is behind the whole thing to promote their product to sell the damn soup. The dance is just another way to get people to think about their damn soup so they can buy it. I bet the soup will sell more than the damn song.

Posted by: Jake at November 21, 2006 08:31 PM

Why didn't any of the south rappers win an award at the music awards show? Because Americans are sick of meaningless lyrics with no substance. Carrie Underwood sold 4 million copies. So, rappers shouldn't blame downloads for their failures. People are sending all kinds of messages that they want something new from rappers. I have a style with the perfect combination. comedy, reality, consciousness, hooky, and entertaining. I can make them laugh with meaningful messages. THAT's entertainment. I've came up with ground breaking concepts and topics. I came up with topics that no other rapper has ever rapped about and these topics are more real than the the top rapper's topics. I'm not being cocky. I'm just telling the truth. My music will speak for itself. The concepts I came up with are original but real. Funny but true. Entertaining but serious. I'm more than a rapper. I'm a character. All of my hooks are catchy(I created them all) and I have several different types of flows. Each track has it's own style(lyrics and music) Each track will put you in a different mood. check me out. www.charliecheckm.com. I have plenty more ideas that I haven't recorded yet. They're all different, original, real, and groundbreaking. I believe that most rappers dont understand the value of being original and different or they just dont have the ability to do it. www.charliecheckm.com

Posted by: Charlie Check'm at November 22, 2006 12:29 AM

I'm glad this topic was brought up. Cause I'm pissed off too.
Listen to my music at

its hot no B.S

Posted by: gthang at November 22, 2006 07:11 AM

I'm glad this topic was brought up. Cause I'm pissed off too.
Listen to my music at

its hot no B.S

Posted by: gthang at November 22, 2006 07:11 AM

Hey Chris !

This is David I worked with you while I was in College under Brian Jones. I just wanted to comment about the James Bond Movie.

Why they have ads of James Bond holding a gun and no one says anything about it but when 50 did his ads for the Get Rich Die trying movie they complained. Stuff like this should be addressed in the hip hop community. You know what to do. Hope to hear from you.

Dave Mcfly

Posted by: Dave Mcfly at November 22, 2006 06:39 PM

~~Where is the swagger? Where is the entertainment? I took a minute to put this blog up because I love hip hop and I didn't want this to feel like I was hating on the south. I love hip hop from everywhere but New York is my home and lately I have been wondering what happenned? We haven't went platinum since 50's last album as a city. I think Busta but up one of the best albums of his career and we missed the platinum. We got the gold but feel short at platinum.~~ Busta did not go platinmun because of the fatal wounding of his bodyguard. Its really unfortunate because his album is good. It completely overshadowed his album. In addition, it was portrayed in the news and media that Busta knew more about the killing than he would mention. Sorry but the other 87% did NOT support his album because of that.
~~ While we are shoulder leaning which I love we are also "Ballin" but we aren't entertaining enough to bring the platinum back home for some reason. My opinion is that we aren't entertaining. ~~ An album has to be able to appeal to difference people’s soul point blank, period. It’s all about the marketing. TI did well not only because he had a hit singe, he had a VERY successful movie out at the same time. If you look at DMX’s numbers his album sales tend to be greater when he has a movie out around the same time.
~~Let the hate come my way I am sure I will hear it for this statement but hey something is missing and its the entertainment factor!!! f your not making me laugh,dance or say noone kills that many people(uncle murder) than I amnot being entertained!! New york the flows are cool but before you flow off the album Entertain!!! ~~ There are not good performers anymore because artists are not being DEVELOPED anymore. Personally, everyone should go back to school and really be retaught on how to “scout” a potential artist for their label. To take it a step further, that’s why there is no ICON material (except for me) in the industry. These labels are so concerned with material already completed, and being more “cost effective” that the artists that ARE being signed are lackluster. They don’t know how to entertain and their vocals are weak. You industry giants really need to think about whether it’s important to have PREPAGKEGD artists or DEVEPOL ICON MATERIAL.
Sorry Chris……if industry execs continue to sign prepackaged artists you will NEVER be entertained like you used to be.

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Posted by: Avia at November 24, 2006 12:11 PM

You said,

There are not good performers anymore because artists are not being DEVELOPED anymore.

My reply,

I've never been signed but I'm more developed than most signed artists. My video, music(which I produced), style and delivery have already passed most signed artists. Most signed artists are no where near creative as I am. Creativity is the main ingredient for entertainment. See for yourself http://www.listentocharlie.com Why am I not signed? Because of Politics or maybe they're afraid to sign somebody that has new concepts but the old concepts have been played out.

Peope are sick of the following

1. How much money or bling you have
2. pimpin
3. Thuggin
4. shooting people
5. shake your ass and putting nothing else to it
6. hating the rival street gang for nothing
7. how you had a corrupt child hood
8. selling drugs

People are sick of the same old scripts. They say it all the time. If you dont believe me, ask around and see for yourself. Most artists can't even think of anything else to rap about. That's all they know. Lyrics reflect your intelligence. You can listen to real, original, new concepts and ideas here. http://www.listentocharlie.com

Posted by: Charlie Check'm at November 27, 2006 11:45 AM

I know Busta is a client, but if the reason he did not go platinum was because his bodyguard got shot and he didn’t act right, then as black people, we need to be happy about that. That was complete BS on the part of all those who might have seen something. What kind of BS is this, thinking “the right thing to do is not talk to the cops” meanwhile the life of family man, productive citizen who’s taking care of his kids unlike the “real” !$*holes out here is wasted. You clowning yourself. If you refuse to talk to the cops, then go take out the punks that did your man in. Then I’m impressed.

Also, I think someone hit it on the head. Busta trying to come hard is a total front. He needs to understand that he has always been an entertainer to us, one who could play around and still get taken seriously, something impossible to pull off in hip hop. All of a sudden now he is a tough guy? Get outta here with that BS. Here’s what’s wrong with NY pure and simple. We don’t make music anymore. To paraphrase an old rap song, now rappers are just actors. Everyone is a gangster. For God’s sake, we got rappers on their records, talking bout they don’t dance! Damn! If you don’t dance to your music, what I’m I supposed to do with it. It’s not like you’re making a Dear Mama record! Stop the fronting and let’s get back to making music.

The gangsta image, at least for now, is dead and its hurting your career. Tony Yayo had some bangers, but he flopped. Mobb Deep could rock the club all night long with the singles from their last project, but they flopped. Why? Folks are getting tired, actually been tired of the gangsta crap and it’s overshadowing the music. I had hopes for Lloyd Banks since he is so nice on the mic, but both singles didn’t do anything and while I have not checked the Soundscans, it seems he actually did worse than Yayo. (On a side note, it will be a bitch when Young Buck comes out and does decent numbers-that will be the nail in the coffin comfirming that the South is running all over NY) It will be interesting to see how a Saigon does. I don’t expect platinum, but will he even go gold if he comes out with that “I’m a killa” BS?

Posted by: ZM at November 27, 2006 02:22 PM

Chris, I just talked to your assistant at Jive. She said some guy that just transfered out of your company said he passed on my music. Does that make sense? He tranfered out so why should his opinion matter? I smell a rat. When I first sent it, she said an A&R liked it and they're waiting for you to hear it. Because he transfered out, it's impossible to find out why he passed on it. That's if she's even telling the truth in the first place.

You said, "Where's the entertainment". Your people just passed on it. I'm more entertaining than any of you artists. You want proof?

Here's your proof

Americans are Overweight track 8

Dyke Chick track 11

She wants a Black Man track 10

Controlled by the Pussy track 7

Ignorant track 11

Please, if your people are passing on artists that have the entertainment factor, why are you looking for it?

Posted by: Charlie Check'm at November 27, 2006 04:20 PM

Chris, Does your staff even know what entertainment is? You have people listening to music for you. Your staff is causing you to lose money. They're passing on creative, comical, real, original, entertaining music. Trust me. http://www.listentocharlie.com

Posted by: Charlie Check'm at November 27, 2006 06:58 PM

Chris, you're a black leader because you have the power to choose a spokseman that can communicate to millions. People are sheep. They can easily be brainwashed by use of the mass media. The question is, which rapper will you choose to lead? One that cares for his people or one that just wants to get paid and wouldn't care if Blacks enslaved eachother (pimpin is a form of slavery)

I'm Charlie Check'm and I have the talent to make catchy hits and the wisdom to lead our problem race to a better situation. I dont have this name for nothing. I want to check the world for the better. I want you to sign me. Not because I just want to get rich but because I will be a great help to rap music, the black community and the world. I've managed to be conscious and entertaining at the same time. Most rappers dont seem smart enough or dont care enough to have both of these qualities.

My song "Americans Are Overweight" is a hot topic and the media can't get enough of this subject. I managed to turn this hot topic into an entertaining rap song. I used harsh comedy to deliver meaningful messages. I make the comedy harsh so it doesn't seem corny. Blacks have the highest percentage of overweight people which is a health hazard. I'm the only rapper that's willing to use my talent to bring awarness about this problem. Check out my song "Americans are overweight"http://www.listentocharlie.com/music.html track 8. I had to make it funny because people remember what they laugh at. This song is real, funny, danceable and entertaining. That's a lot of good qualities for one song

My song "She Wants a black Man" http://www.listentocharlie.com/music.html track 10 is a story of a interracial couple being racially victimized because they're together. This is a problem that has survived well after slavery ended. It's still a problem today. This story is true, real, entertaining and original. People will respect me just for rapping about it. Rappers are remembered for being original and political.

My song "fake" was created based on people's comments about rappers. So many people complained about rappers being fake. I figured it's worth recording. In the song, I managed to question the integrity and morals of some brothers because it's very much needed in the black communities for the sake of stopping self destruction. The song is funny, brave and street. The beat is different but tight. http://www.listentocharlie.com/music.html track 1

My song "Loose Screws" tackles major problems in the black communities. Corrupt churches, people using christianity as a scapegoat to self destruct. I respect everyone's beliefs but when it begins to negativity effect our safety, it's time to speak up. I made "Loose Screws" comical, entertaining and catchy. They can get the message and have a good laugh at the same time. The second verse addresses down low homos which is believed to be the root cause for the growing hiv cases with young black women. Once again, I made it comical, entertaining and fun to listen to. The third verse is about domestic violence. I managed to make that comical too but the messaage was against domestic violence

Change starts with our leaders. Please, this is bigger than music. Help me save our race and sign me.

Posted by: Charlie Check'm at December 2, 2006 04:18 PM

Is it the return of the single deal? Just because you have a hot single will NOT mean your album is gonna go platinum. Artists...take time and LISTEN to what the PEOPLE want to hear! Not what your "mans and them" think sounds ill

Posted by: Will 2 B at December 16, 2006 08:44 PM

New York is a victim of their own success. In the 80's they ruled rap in the 90's they did what the had to do which was party music and collabos with other regions. Over the years I've seen New York develop the same mentality that our elders had when rap came along. And that is to say that one form of hip hop is not authentic because it does not follow the pattern laid by it's forefathers. Rap and hip hop is and will always be a organic art. Every ten years rap recreates itself.
From 1977-1987 Was the B-boy Era
From 1987-1997 Was The Gangsta Era
From 1997-2007 is the Baller Era

Each Era has borrowed from the other but also it has evolved and morphed into its own identity. The artist that are successful move with and change with the time and are not crippled by progress.

Posted by: Markeith E. Johnson at December 17, 2006 03:37 PM

Rap music is constantly evolving. It starts with the rapper's mind set. In the early 90's to the mid 90's, the west coast came out with a new mind set that was fresh to rap listeners and it was cool and different so the west took the game from NewYork.

NewYork took it back because of Notorious Big. Now Biggie was smart. His style wasn't the typical NewYork's style and his beats was more like the west coast beats.

When the west and the East had beef, The dirty south sneaked in. Master P bought that southern mentality mixed in with gansta. That was different.

Eminem stepped on the seen. He was different. D12 was on top of the charts because the were different. The mid west had something new. Than kanye West came out with another midwest style that's different.

Today, rappers aren't coming out with anything different, there's no new mind sets coming to the game. As a result, sales have dropped. If you guys dont bring some new and cool mind sets to the game, rap music will die. I have a new and cool mindset. Check me out. http://www.charliecheckm.com

Posted by: Wisdom at December 27, 2006 03:33 PM